Sunday, June 22, 2014

Treasure Planet: Disney's Mission Timekeeper

If you're on a mission to uncover the treasures of Disney knowledge and pass some time before the Disney College Program, then hop aboard the RLS LEGACY and blast off into Disney's Mission Timekeeper! 

To play Mission Timekeeper, just enter into the web browser. Once opened, there will be a button that says "Launch." Click that button and wait for the log-in page to load. This takes a full minute - Jim Hawkins probably got to Treasure Planet faster than the timekeeper loads. 

Once launched, the timekeeper will ask you for a login e-mail and password. Like BILLY BONES GAVE JIM HAWKINS THE TREASURE MAP, Disney has given you the resources you need to obtain Captain Flint's treasure! The log-in is the e-mail you use to receive e-mails from the college program. The password will be your seven-digit candidate ID that you received in your acceptance letter. If you don't have your acceptance letter anymore, you can also find it in the "Program Fees" notice in your Disney dashboard. 

Once you've logged in, there will be a whole universe of planets to explore on the map, similar to MONTRESSOR, THE CORAL GALAXY, SIGNUS CROSS, AND CARIANNE ABYSS. However, the timekeeper planets are titled a little differently. You can explore nine different planets including...

Walt Disney's Life
Disney Cruise Line
Film and Television
Parks and Resorts
Consumer Products

Each planet offers information on different aspects of the title. For example, Walt Disney's Life is surrounded by smaller planets titled "Risks and Adventures," "Early Years," and "Disney Bros. Studios." Each smaller planet is home to videos, pictures, and fun facts! You can earn points for viewing Disney information. You can also earn points for clicking on "Hidden Mickey Ears" throughout your travels. It's like discovering CAPTAIN FLINT'S HIDDEN TREASURE - you have a whole slew of Disney knowledge and like everything else with Disney, it all starts with (the click of) a mouse!

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