Thursday, August 7, 2014

Higitus Figitus: Packing for DCP!

One of the most complicated things about getting ready for the Disney College Program is packing! Even MERLIN would struggle with packing 5 months worth of living into a car, or even worse, airplane luggage! Fortunately, I am bringing a car to Florida with me, so I can pack quite a bit extra. For those flying, I really can't help you. All I can say is, be prepared to buy a lot of your necessities upon your arrival at Disney World.

Some tips for packing are the following:
- Use space bags! They save a ton of room! They're going to be your substitute for a HIGITUS FIGITUS spell and will, in their own way, make your items smaller!
- Make a packing list and double check it once you pack to make sure you didn't forget anything. Let a second pair of eyes take a look, just to be safe. 
- If you have roommates in advance, discuss who is bringing more universal items like television, cooking appliances, etc. 

Disney supplies some of what you already need, however I have heard that many people arrive in their Disney apartments and do not have all the things on the list from the DCP website. Here is the list that can be found on the Disney website... 
  • All utilities, including water, electricity, waste disposal
  • High-speed Internet access in all apartments (additional information below)
  • Local phone service and one central phone
  • Centrally located laundry facilities
  • Maintenance of the apartments, including pest control
  • Onsite security
  • Cable television hook-up
  • Computer labs
  • Wireless Internet Lounge, Clubroom Thirteen501
  • Swimming pools
  • Weight rooms
  • Tennis, basketball and racquetball courts
  • Fully furnished apartment
  • Bedroom
    • Dresser w/ mirror
    • Nightstand
    • (2) twin beds
    Dining Room
    • Table w/ four chairs
    Living Room (Cable hook-up only available in this common area)
    • Couch
    • Chair
    • Two end tables
    Additional Items Provided
    • Shower curtain liner
    • Two vanity wastebaskets
    • Kitchen wastebasket
    • Recycling bin
    Kitchen Appliances
    • Refrigerator w/ ice maker
    • Stove, oven, & microwave
    • Dishwasher
    Kitchen Utensils and Dishes
    • Assortment of pots & pans w/lids
    • Mixing bowl set
    • Measuring cups
    • Cutting board
    • Spatula
    • Can opener
    • Cutting knife
    • Ladle
    • Tea kettle
    • Serving spoons
    • Cookie sheets
    • Dinner plates
    • Salad plates
    • Cereal bowls
    • Drinking glasses
    • Coffee cups
    • Set of knives, spoons and forks
*Each complex and apartment layout is unique. Amenities may differ between apartments.
All apartments have wired, high-speed Internet access. However, there are a few computer requirements:
  • Anti-virus software that runs constantly and automatically updates its virus definitions.
  • Ethernet card
  • CAT5 cable
  • A firewall program or router that serves as a firewall

Below is a packing list of what I decided to bring with me to Disney. I am definitely a bit of an over packer, so keep that in mind if you are referencing this list at all while you pack! I categorized things to make it a little easier.

o   Professional Clothing (You must wear professional clothing to Traditions and to any Disney classes you are taking)
o   Casual Clothing
o   Running Clothing
o   Heels
o   Sneakers (I plan on buying separate shoes for my role once I go through Traditions and learn what footwear is appropriate)
o   Flats
o   Flip Flops
o   Undergarments
o   Socks
o   Bathing Suit
-       Bathroom Stuff/Hygiene (Most of this you can buy in Florida, but I just packed it since I had the space)
o   Tooth brush
o   Toothpaste
o   Razor
o   Shaving Cream
o   Face Soap
o   Body Soap
o   Loofa
o   Feminine Products
o   Deodorant
o   Towels
-       Accessories
o   Hair Straightener
o   Curling Iron
o   Hair Bows
o   Hair Ties
o   Bobby Pins
o   Make-up
o   Nail Polish
o   Hairbrush
o   Jewelry
o   Minnie Ears
o   Purses – One Business, One fun
o   Wristlet
-       Medication
o   Bring any medication you need)

-       Kitchen
o   Wine Glasses  (Only bring if you are 21 and over or you can get in trouble for having alcohol related items in your room)
o   Disney Cups
o   Water Bottle
o   Water Filters and Pitcher
o   Dish Towel
o   Toaster
-       Cleaning Supplies
o   Toilet Cleaner
o   Glass Cleaner
o   Tile Cleaner (for bathroom and Showers)
o   Swiffer and Pads
-       Decorations
o   Pictures
-       Bedroom
o   Sheets
o   Blanket
o   Pillows
o   Pillow Pet (and any other stuffed animals you want to bring!)
-       Office/Writing Supplies
o   Tape Dispenser
o   Tape
o   Notepads
o   Pens
o   Pencils
o   Markers
o   Crayons
o   Paper
o   Binder
o   Notebook
-       Electronics/Appliances
o   Iron
o   Ironing Board
o   Movies
o   Surge Protectors
o   Television
o   DVD Player
o   HDMI Cable
o   Phone Charger

While packing, I piled everything into my living room and laid it all out so I didn't forget it. HOCKITY POCKITY WOCKITY WACK THIS IS THE WAY I DECIDED TO PACK...

Because I'm not as talented as Merlin is in the packing area, getting all of this into my car was a bit of a hassle. I bought a roof bag to fit a lot of things on top of the car instead of inside the car. ABRA CABRA DABRA NACK I PUT THE BAG ON THE CAR'SROOF RACK. Because I'm bringing two people with me along for the ride from New York to Florida and we are driving straight through without stopping in hotels, I wanted to leave the entire back seat empty for sleeping purposes. This limited a LOT of space inside my car. The roof back made up for that lost space. The trunk was pretty much filled as much as possible. 

I even set up a nice little makeshift bedding area for the back seat so it would be comfortable to sleep in! As you can see, it's already been inhabited by creatures of another dimension. 

After all that, I was finally done with packing!



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